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Science Fiction and World Religions collide in this new YA series!

Are you looking for the next young adult science fiction and fantasy books to rock your world? Then look no further than this new series by Janie St. Clair.

Thrilling action, charming characters, wit, and wisdom combine in a story that will leave you wishing it were real...
...and thanking God it’s not.

Science fiction and world religions 
come together in the thrilling series:


A group of teenagers must work together to exorcise demons according to their own religious traditions.

The first novel of the series, Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara, follows a boy on his journey through the wisdom and self-mastery of Buddhism.

          But while you're deciding whether or not to buy it, enjoy the free excerpts on Peter's page.
Excerpt from Peter Hunter:

            “Do you believe in spirits?” Peter’s karate teacher asked. Peter felt a shiver run up his spine. “Like ghosts and stuff?” he asked. “Almost every world religion has some belief of spirits either good or ba…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #4: Un-Boo-Lievable

Excerpt #4: Un-Boo-lievable

“So get this,” Zeke interrupted. “Did you guys know that the Catholic Church still appoints exorcists? Isn’t that weird? I mean, you’d think if people were getting possessed, it’d be all over the news or something.” Chiara stole a glance at Peter, watching for his reaction. “In this day and age?” Mac mocked. Then she smiled. “I think anyone who believes in ghosts and demons is just ghoul-able.” “That’s the spirit!” Cosmo agreed. “It’s un-boo-lievable.” “Those beliefs are dangerous and can lead to pan-demon-ium.” “Really? Pandemonium?” Cosmo shook his head. “I ex-spector-ed more from you.”
“I believe in demons,” Chiara told Zeke. She couldn’t contain herself any longer. If Peter wasn’t going to give her any hints, maybe she would give him some. “And I think they can possess people.” Cosmo shook his head. “I cite Ockham’s Razor. The simplest explanation is most often the truest.” “Yeah,” Mac agreed. “Whenever I hear ‘exorcism’, I only think of someone senselessly bea…

Peter Hunter, Excerpt #1: You're Next

Excerpt #1: You're Next
“Do you believe in spirits?” Sensei asked him. Peter felt a shiver up his spine. “Like ghosts and stuff?” he asked. “Almost every world religion has some belief of spirits either good or bad, who interfere with our lives. Even in Buddhism, there’s Mara and his minions, called the asuras. According to the Buddha, they tempt men and women to make choices that distract them from the way of enlightenment. Do you believe any of this?” “I’m open to the possibility,” Peter answered, “but honestly, I haven’t given it much thought. Why?” Sensei Rob took a breath. “When I was younger, I took a year to study in India. While I was there, I met this guy. A Tibetan shaman or guru, like a spiritual expert. I witnessed him perform a ritual and save someone’s life. Afterwards, he told me that the spirits don’t just tempt people. Sometimes they take over their bodies.” A fresh wave of goosebumps prickled Peter’s skin and he sincerely wished Sensei Charlie were there. “Are you talki…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #1: Living With Demons

Excerpt #1: Living With Demons

The morning sun cascaded through the windows of the suburban home as Chiara Marino studied herself in the mirror. Her dark, curly hair was impossibly frizzy, her hazel eyes were too small, and her smile showed too much of her teeth. She looked like a boring, plain mouse. No, she stopped herself. Today is going to be great. She finished by pulling her hair into her signature style of a messy twist held in place with a pen. Simple and practical. “It’s okay to admit defeat sometimes,” her older brother’s voice sounded from behind her. “Especially when something is a lost cause.” He was standing in her doorway with his arms folded casually and his dark hair smoothed back with gel. His appearance was tall and dominating, muscular from years of athletics. She fixed him with a scowl. “What do you want, Adrian?” She nearly jumped when she saw a dark billowing cloud of smoke appear on his shoulder. As she tried not to watch, the cloud shifted in and out of a lizard-like…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #3: Stay Safe

Excerpt #3: Stay Safe

As she approached the school doors, she saw a group of popular sophomore girls huddled and giggling on the steps. A demon occupied each girl’s shoulder. Another sophomore girl walked by with poor posture, an ill-fitted uniform, and a bag decorated for an obscure science fiction show. One of the demons swirled, planting a thought into its host’s ear. “Why doesn’t she just kill herself?” the sophomore said loud enough for the other girl to hear. The gaggle laughed boisterously and the demon hopped over and attached itself to the girl with the sci-fi backpack. Her shoulders drooped even lower. Chiara glared at the monster. This was a fight she could take on. She caught up to the girl just inside the school doors. “Morning,” Chiara greeted with a warm smile. “You don’t know me, but I was wondering where you got that bag. I love Cowboys in Space.” The girl’s shoulders relaxed. “It’s one of my favorites,” she said with a shrug. “Too bad they cancelled it after just one season…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #2: Real Life Superheroes

Excerpt #2: Real Life Superheroes
      “So get this!” Zeke exploded as Chiara sat at their cafeteria table. “Buckle your utility belts,” Mac warned everyone. “Did you know,” Zeke said, punctuating all his syllables, “that there are real life superheroes out there?” Chiara perked up. She watched Peter as he took his seat next to Zeke. She was disappointed that his muscles didn’t even tense. “There are all these normal, everyday people who dress up and do vigilante work in their cities,” Zeke explained. Chiara had come across this information in her extensive research, but she had never found any information on people like Peter. “That is so exciting!” Mac exclaimed. “Cool,” Peter nodded. Chiara studied his reaction or lack thereof. She would be blushing and nervously avoiding the topic, if she were him. Maybe he had forgotten the previous night’s events just like the man had. “I’m sure some have actual super powers,” Zeke speculated. “Mainly because I want to be sure of that.” Zeke ignored Cosm…

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Excerpt from the Short Story - The Library Table

An excerpt from:

The Library Table A short story by Janie St. Clair
The sound of heavy breathing and pounding feet filled the stairwell. Chiara’s pulsethundered in her head. “They’re closing in!” she yelled over her shoulder. “Hurry!” On the third floor landing, Slick suddenly stopped, bending over with a hand on the wall. “I can’t make it,” he panted. “Go on without me.” “No, no! No, no, no!” Chiara said desperately as she backtracked and grabbed his hand. “I am not leaving you behind.” She caught his eyes with a serious gaze. “We’re partners.” He flipped his gloriously shiny blond hair out of his eyes and chuckled through his exhaustion. “Whatever you say, fearless leader,” he told her. She took a brief moment to appreciate his hair flip and his smile before she reminded herself how crucial their situation was. They raced the rest of the way holding hands. Chiara could barely believe she had the guts to hold his hand. But desperate times called for desperate measures. She only prayed that h…