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Science Fiction and World Religions collide in this new YA series!

Are you looking for the next young adult science fiction and fantasy books to rock your world? Then look no further than this new series by Janie St. Clair.

Thrilling action, charming characters, wit, and wisdom combine in a story that will leave you wishing it were real...
...and thanking God it’s not.

Science fiction and world religions 
collide in:


A group of teenagers must work together to exorcise demons according to their own religious traditions.

Book one of the series, Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara, follows a boy on his journey through the wisdom and self-mastery of Buddhism.

          But while you're deciding whether or not to buy it, enjoy the free excerpts on Peter's page.

Excerpt from Peter Hunter:

            “Do you believe in spirits?” Peter’s karate teacher asked. Peter felt a shiver run up his spine. “Like ghosts and stuff?” he asked. “Almost every world religion has some belief of spirits either good or bad, who interfere with our lives. Ev…

Book 1.5: Drop by Drop

In between each release, you can look forward to a smaller publication to tie you over while you pine away for the next book.

Drop by Drop is a compilation of short stories and deleted scenes based on the characters from Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara. 

The Stories:
Drop by Drop: learn about Sensei Rob's past and why he chose Peter as his apprentice.
Charlie's Defining Moment: Discover the darkest moment from Sensei Charlie's past and why she demands to go by "Charlie".
The Salvatore Effect: The night of the summer festival told from Zahid's perspective. What happens when Peter runs off unexpectedly and leaves Zahid at a table of teenage girls.
Fighting Destiny: Jeremy's metamorphosis may have seemed sudden or unexpected, but find out what happened from his point of view.
Fruitless: Find out why Alicia did what she did and how it affected her relationship with Gina.
The Library Table: Meet Chiara Marino, the main character from book two of the series. Get a…

About the Author

From the Author:
Organized religions get a bad rap these days. Most of what we see in popular media are members of religious traditions depicted as dark and sinful, ignorant and naïve, or misguided and judgmental. However, there is another side to each religious tradition: life-changing wisdom, devotions that inspire love and understanding, and the tools needed to defeat the forces of evil.
The Freelance Exorcists Series gives each of the world’s most popular religions a chance to have their softer, more rational voices heard and their doctrines explained. At the same time, the reader will be sucked into a fast-paced fantasy plot of super-powered teenagers who vow to protect unsuspecting humans from the machinations of ancient, invisible, evil spirits.

But where reality ends and the fantasy begins, that is for the reader to decide.

About the Author:
Janie St. Clair has lived most of her life lost in another world. She was frequently trapped in a faraway galaxy, a parallel dimension, or …

Reviews for Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara

Reviews for Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara
"A very intriguing story. Extremely well researched. I am very invested in the characters and can't wait for the next adventure!"

"Ok- so if you want a book that's got a snarky teenage protagonist like the Karate Kid, then this is the book for you. If you want scary demon-fighting action scenes, this book's for you. And if you want to learn about Buddhism, this book's for you."

"Refreshingly wholesome and unique, Peter Hunter and the Minions of Mara is a story that younger readers will devour. Janie St Clair weaves a thrilling narrative of growth around the core values of Buddhism, while still managing to tie in elements of danger, excitement and the supernatural to keep her readers hooked."

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Chiara Marino, Excerpt #6: The Blue Boy

Excerpt #6: The Blue Boy

     The fighters landed on the street, paused in their battle. One of the fighters was a man in a business suit who looked like he had been swallowed by a dark cloud. The other was probably close to her age, wearing sweatpants, combat gloves, and a t-shirt. He looked like a normal teen boy, except that his whole body glowed blue.
     The cloud-man jumped and flew through the air, landing behind the blue boy and grabbing him around the neck. The boy used gravity to throw himself through the man’s legs, consequently flipping the man forwards. The man landed on his back.
      The boy placed a hand on the man’s head and said, “Be swept clean.”
      Chiara saw the black smoke peel away from the man. It quickly surrounded the boy, enshrouding him in darkness. Then an explosion of blue swirling wind ripped the cloud apart until only the boy remained.
      Now that he was facing her, Chiara saw clearly that the Blue Boy was Peter. She gasped and his head snapped in he…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #5: Dewey Belong Together?

Excerpt #5: Dewey Belong Together?
“What are you working on?” he asked, peering at her notecards from across the table. “’What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit?’” She looked up and smiled. “Ba-na-na-na!” she sang softly to the tune of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. He stared at her, just blinking. She suddenly felt stupid. “It’s like the post-its,” she explained sheepishly. “I put jokes in random books for people to find while they’re studying. I like to think it might help relieve their stress. Cheesy, right?” His eyes squinted as he studied her. Then he grabbed a card from her pile, jotted something down quickly, and handed it back. She read to herself, “Why did the karate master sneeze? He had the Kung Flu.” She covered her mouth to hold back her giggles. He smiled at last and moved to the seat next to her. They wrote jokes side by side and the pressure of trying to be quiet made their laughter even stronger. Peter peered over her shoulder to read her notecard. “’What did one book say to the othe…

Chiara Marino, Excerpt #4: Un-Boo-Lievable

Excerpt #4: Un-Boo-lievable

“So get this,” Zeke interrupted. “Did you guys know that the Catholic Church still appoints exorcists? Isn’t that weird? I mean, you’d think if people were getting possessed, it’d be all over the news or something.” Chiara stole a glance at Peter, watching for his reaction. “In this day and age?” Mac mocked. Then she smiled. “I think anyone who believes in ghosts and demons is just ghoul-able.” “That’s the spirit!” Cosmo agreed. “It’s un-boo-lievable.” “Those beliefs are dangerous and can lead to pan-demon-ium.” “Really? Pandemonium?” Cosmo shook his head. “I ex-spector-ed more from you.”
“I believe in demons,” Chiara told Zeke. She couldn’t contain herself any longer. If Peter wasn’t going to give her any hints, maybe she would give him some. “And I think they can possess people.” Cosmo shook his head. “I cite Ockham’s Razor. The simplest explanation is most often the truest.” “Yeah,” Mac agreed. “Whenever I hear ‘exorcism’, I only think of someone senselessly bea…

Peter Hunter, Excerpt #1: You're Next

Excerpt #1: You're Next
“Do you believe in spirits?” Sensei asked him. Peter felt a shiver up his spine. “Like ghosts and stuff?” he asked. “Almost every world religion has some belief of spirits either good or bad, who interfere with our lives. Even in Buddhism, there’s Mara and his minions, called the asuras. According to the Buddha, they tempt men and women to make choices that distract them from the way of enlightenment. Do you believe any of this?” “I’m open to the possibility,” Peter answered, “but honestly, I haven’t given it much thought. Why?” Sensei Rob took a breath. “When I was younger, I took a year to study in India. While I was there, I met this guy. A Tibetan shaman or guru, like a spiritual expert. I witnessed him perform a ritual and save someone’s life. Afterwards, he told me that the spirits don’t just tempt people. Sometimes they take over their bodies.” A fresh wave of goosebumps prickled Peter’s skin and he sincerely wished Sensei Charlie were there. “Are you talki…